Nottingham Forest Supporters’ Trust is an independent, democratic, non-profit organisation run by fans for fans. Our purpose is to help fans to join together and strengthen their collective influence over the way the club is run, and to improve the links between their club and the community it serves. Ultimately it’s about giving the most important group in any football community, the fans, a voice.

Board members are elected annually, and anyone who is a paid member of the Trust can stand for election. Trust Board members are fans and are not paid by or recompensed in any other way by the club or anyone else, we are a completely voluntary organisation.

We also have a number of Working Groups who support specific projects or initiatives and we’re always keen to have new members for these. However much or little time you have and whatever skills you can offer, we can find a use for you, so please do get in touch with us if you want to get involved!